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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 010012 Call by Call rate?

The 010012 Call by Call rate is a real Call by Call rate.
No registration or change of providers is necessary. There are no base fees or hidden costs.

How does the rate work?

You simply select the 010012, then the country code, area code and the subscriber/ telephone number.

Does the rate work when calling from abroad?

No, currently the rate only works when you are in Germany.

Which network do I need to use the 010012 Call by Call rate?

The rate only works with the Deutsche Telekom AG network.

How is the call charged when using the 010012 Call by Call rate?

Calls are charged in minutes started (60/60) in all rate classes insofar as no other information is given.

My provider is Telekom Deutschland GmbH. Do I have to make a written contract in order to use the 010012 Call by Call rate with the 010012 Telecom GmbH?

No. We are a so-called "open" Call by Call provider. That means that the contract begins with the use of the service and ends when you end the call. Billing is done by Telekom Deutschland GmbH and is shown on the invoice as "Services by other providers".

Do I need to check anything regarding the billing?

Yes. Deutsche Telekom AG forwards the fees for the services of other providers after receiving the invoice amount. For Deutsche Telekom AG, the transaction is completed. If Deutsche Telekom AG must send a payment reminder, the 010012 fees are no longer listed. The amount listed in the payment reminder from Deutsche Telekom AG is also lower. If you only pay Deutsche Telekom AG?s payment reminder amount, our fees are not paid. Deutsche Telekom AG then informs us that you have not paid for the calls charged by us. We are then forced to send you a payment reminder which unfortunately also includes additional costs due to a processing fee.

A little tip: Keep your preprinted bank transfer form from your Telekom telephone invoice. The total amount is printed on it.

Telekom Deutschland GmbH direct debits my account. Do I need to check for anything?

Normally Telekom Deutschland GmbH debits the entire invoice amount. If there is a charge back, only the charges from Telekom Deutschland GmbH are debited. Any third party providers remain unpaid. In such a case, please transfer the charges listed in the invoice including VAT directly to our account. You can find our bank details below. If you have any questions, our friendly customer support service will be happy to help you.

Can I also transfer directly to 010012 Telecom GmbH?

Yes. Please make note, however, that the amount listed in the telephone invoice does not contain the 19% VAT. Additionally you should remember to subtract this amount when paying your telephone invoice from Deutsche Telekom AG.

Our bank details are:

010012 Telecom GmbH Düsseldorf

Commerzbank Düsseldorf

Bank code: 300 400 00
Account no.: 1070 333

Reason for transfer: Your 10-digit billing account number. You can find this 10-digit billing number in each Deutsche Telekom AG telephone invoice on Page 1, at the top right. If you are not sure about the amount, please call our customer support. They will be happy to help you.

Do you still have questions?

You can find most of the answers to your questions at Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
If you cant find the answer, the write us at: customercare@010012.com
or call us at: 0800 427 32 67 (free-of-charge)

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